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Selected Bibliography of Northampton History

About the Reference Shelf
This selected bibliography has been developed by Historic Northampton over a period of years. Much of this bibliography was originally compiled and annotated in 1990 by David B. Dill, Jr. His work, edited and with additions by Anne K. Schuyler, has been amended to the previous Historic Northampton online bibliography to create this expanded source listing.

These listed works should provide a starting point for anyone interested in learning about Northampton's history. Included are published primary sources, privately printed material, secondary sources and academic works.

How To Use
Some material may belong to several classifications so the researcher is advised to check multiple categories when pursuing a topic. To create his list David Dill canvassed the collections of Smith College, Forbes Library in Northampton, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Mount Holyoke College and Historic Northampton. Most of his annotated entries include depository information as of 1990, which does not necessarily preclude additional locations today. Abbreviations used in those entries are:

  • FL Forbes Library
  • HN Historic Northampton
  • UM University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • SC Smith College
  • MH Mount Holyoke College

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