Historic Northampton

Brief Overview of Northampton History

David Ruggles

Daley & Halligan

Clarke School for the Deaf

Great Northampton Bank Robbery

Northampton in the Civil War:

Northampton Baseball:

Henry James

Isaac Damon

Charles Edward Forbes

Caleb Cooley Dickinson

Pliny Earle

Charles C. Burleigh, Jr.

George Washington Cable

General Seth Pomeroy

Joseph Hawley

Samuel F.B. Morse

Northampton Association of Education and Industry

Northampton-New Haven Canal

George Bancroft

Sylvester Graham

Sophia Smith

Sojourner Truth

Solomon Stoddard

Calvin Coolidge

Shays' Rebellion

Levi Shepherd

Mary Parsons Witchcraft Trial

Jonathan Edwards

Caleb Strong

Native American Peoples:


Northampton Mayors