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Calvin Coolidge

Calvin and Grace Coolidge

A graduate of Amherst College, Coolidge came to practice law in Northampton in 1895. It was here that he met Grace Goodhue, a teacher of the deaf at the Clark School. They were married in 1905. The Coolidges moved to Massasoit Street in 1906. There they raised two children. The modest two family home remained their permanent residence until after Coolidge's return from the White House. Although Coolidge lived simply, he was not a simple man, but rather, a Spartan man. He lived for politics. Coolidge held several Northampton offices, including Mayor. He then served several terms in the General Court before becoming Governor in 1919. Elected as Warren G. Harding's Vice President in 1920, Coolidge became President upon Harding's sudden death in 1923. Coolidge was less a popular President than a reassuring one. His quaint Yankee ways were transformed by his campaign managers into old-fashioned virtues. Coolidge symbolized solidity in an era of free-wheeling speculation.

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1924, The Radio Election
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