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Midnight to Midnight:
Northampton's Self-Portrait in 48 Hours

Photograph by Paul Griffin
Photograph by Mary Cowhey
photograph by Paul Griffin
photograph by Mary Cowhey
On May 2 & 3, 2014, the community was invited to photograph Northampton, Florence and Leeds during a 48 hour period. More than 1000 photographs were submitted to the Northampton 48 Hours website by over 100 photographers.
Calendar of Digital Slide Shows
  August 23, 2014

Historic Northampton
Ice Cream Social and an outdoor digital slide show of selected images
7 to 9 pm
  September 29, 2014

A.P.E. Gallery, Northampton
7 to 9 pm


October 10, 2014

Forbes Library
5 to 8 pm
Photograph by Joel Emerick Photograph by Kathy LaCroix
photograph by Joel Emerick

photograph by Kathy LaCroix

Selections from Northampton's Self-Portrait in 48 Hours are posted on
the MassLive website and on the Paradise City Press website.
Photograph by MJ Maccardini
Photograph by Sarah Nelson
Photograph by Kiki Smith
photograph by
MJ Maccardini
photograph by
Sarah Nelson
photograph by
Kiki Smith

Sponsors of Midnight to Midnight:
Northampton's Self-Portrait in 48 Hours
Florence Savings Bank eclecTechs Jake's Restaurant