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From the mid 1970s through the early 1980s a comprehensive survey of Northampton's historic buildings, including business and residential districts, was undertaken by teams of trained volunteers. Over 1100 structures were surveyed according to guidelines established by the Massachusetts Historical Commission.  Using the Historical Commission's survey forms, volunteers filled in historical data on each building.  Using deeds, probate records, newspaper clippings and historical documents, the building's history and ownership was traced back to its original construction. 

  • Historic House Inventories - Form B
  • Each building is listed by street number and filed alphabetically by street.  Click on the Form Number to the right of the street address to view the document.
  • Northampton State Hospital Inventories
  • Each feature is listed by Complex. Click on the Form Number to view the document. Maps of each complex can by found by clicking the word "map" next to the complex title.